Additional Enquiries From Covid 19 Risk For Legal Due Diligence (Share Purchases)

Genie Team
Genie Team
Sep, 28 2022

When to use this template

This document contains a list of legal due diligence enquiries relating to areas of specific or heightened risk arising from the COVID-19 pandemic for use in connection with a share purchase transaction involving the acquisition of a target company incorporated in England and Wales.

Key issues covered in this template

  • Accounting standards
  • Board meetings
  • Business continuity
  • Case information
  • Companies Act 2006
  • Costs incurred
  • Filing deadline extension
  • Furlough measures
  • Insurance claims
  • Tax arrangements
  • N/A

What to watch out for

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the target company, including any material adverse effects on its business, financial condition or results of operations

  • The target company's compliance with applicable laws and regulations related to COVID-19, including any government orders or guidance

  • The target company's insurance coverage for losses arising from COVID-19

  • The target company's ability to obtain necessary supplies and raw materials in light of any disruptions to global supply chains caused by COVID-19

  • The target company's ability to maintain its workforce in light of any potential health and safety risks posed by COVID-19

  • The target company's ability to meet its contractual obligations in light of any potential disruptions caused by COVID-19


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