Publishing Deal For Songwriter (Publishing Agreement)

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Nov, 02 2022

When to use this template

A music publishing agreement is a contract in which a songwriter assigns the copyright of their songs to a publisher. The publisher is then responsible for exploiting the songs and collecting the income from licensing, and then sharing that income with the songwriter. The agreement includes a minimum commitment from the songwriter, expressed as a proportion of songs on commercially released albums, and the contract lasts for an initial term with the option to extend the contract for additional periods.

Key issues covered in this template

  • Automatic extension
  • Bankruptcy procedures
  • Calculating royalties
  • Examples not exhaustive
  • Exploitation
  • Revenue share
  • Royalties payable
  • Royalty statements and payments
  • Synchronisation licence
  • Term of agreement
  • N/A

What to watch out for

  • The songwriter assigns the copyright in their songs to the publisher for a limited period

  • The publisher is not absolutely obligated to exploit the songs, but is expected to do so

  • The agreement provides for a minimum commitment from the writer in terms of the proportion of songs contained on commercially released albums

  • The agreement runs for an initial term followed by optional extension periods, each with its own minimum commitment


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